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Forget Earlier Failures, Set New Year Fitness Goals Once Again

  • January 1, 2021

Did you take a resolution last year to pursue a fitness routine that did not get materialised and  now you are wondering if you should set a goal to pursue your fitness routine for 2019 too? Are you are afraid that the fitness resolution for the new year will remain unfulfilled once again? If yes then here are five reasons why you must take the resolution once again.

Your previous failures: The fact that you failed to fulfill your new year fitness resolution last year is the biggest reason you should take a new year resolution this year too. This makes the resolution more important.

You need it:  Being fit is not a luxury or an added advantage. It is a necessity. You don’t do something extra when you work hard to become fit. You do it because you need it. Your intensity of the workout maybe dependent on how far you want to go. Your goal may very from achieving basic level of fitness to that of a fitness athlete. But the fact remains that being fit is something that you need.

It is a good excuse: Often we do need to give ourselves an excuse strong enough  kick us out of our comfort zones. Starting to workout is one such action that jeopardises our physical and mental comfort zones. The new year resolution is a good excuse to start now.

Yet another year: You may have been procrastinating for several years and the new year reminds you of the years that you have lost. Use it to push yourself for a fitness routine.

It is about never giving up: You failed to achieve your fitness goals last year and now you are about to take a new year resolution once again to become serious about your fitness. Congratulations. While you may feel ashamed of not being able to fulfill your commitment, you are actually contributing a little towards forming  the habit of never giving up and it is necessary for your day to day fitness routine as well. When you get tired, or do not feel like completing the reps, the ‘never give up’ attitude will help you get over that.

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