How to Maintain Your Hygiene in the Gym

  • July 15, 2020

Several studies have shown that some gym equipment are dirtier than public toilet seats. These equipment are touched by various individuals and not all of them are serious about not spreading some bacteria or virus to others. Knowingly or unknowingly a lot of people violate gym hygiene rules. While you cannot force people to follow gym etiquette and gym hygiene rules unless you are in an authoritative position, you can at least follow some of precautionary measures to protect yourself from infections.  Here are some tips to avoid health hazards in the gym.

Wipe the equipment before and after use

Gym equipment are touched by many people and some of them do not wipe the equipment clean after use. Always wipe the equipment before use for your own safety. After you use a particular piece of equipment, wipe it clean for the next person. If possible wipe it with a disinfectant before and after use.

Bring your own exercise mat and other accessories

Always bring your own exercise mat for floor exercises. In these exercises your head and face may come in contact with mat and therefore it is advisable that you carry your own mat to ensure prevention of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.  Other accessories like gloves, bands, groin guards etc should also be your own. It is a good idea to carry your own towel to sir on benches and seats.

Never share personal care items

Never ever share personal care items like towels, combs, water bottles, soaps etc. these items come in contact with the skin and can be a cause of spreading infections from one person to the other.

Cover open wounds

If you have cuts or open wounds cover them with waterproof bandage. If possible avoid getting into public pools during such times.

Wash your gym clothes regularly

No matter for how short duration you use your gym clothes everyday, make sure you wash them regularly if not after every use.  The boxing wraps or socks that you wear should also be washed regularly.

Don’t touch your face

Do not touch your face at any time without washing your hands.  Do not even use the same towel to wipe your face that you use to wipe your hands or other parts of the body. Carrying face wipes can also be a good idea.

Wash or sanitise your hands

Your hands come in contact with various types of bacteria, virus and fungi during your workout session. Wash your hands properly with a good quality soap after workout. Sanitise your hands if not possible to wash them. Keep a bar of soap and hand sanitiser with you always.

Protect your feet

Always wear protective footwear in communal pools or showers. Feet are vulnerable as far as infections are concerned. disinfect your footwear regularly.

Shower ASAP

Change and take a shower ASAP after the workout session no matter how tired you are. Sweaty clothes are a favourite place for bacteria to breed.

Extra pair of clothes

Keep an extra pair of clothes with you. Even if you do not get time or chance to take a shower at the gym or if for some reason you decide to take the shower once you reach home, do not forget to change immediately after you workout.

Choose the right gym

Always inspect the gym and find out how serious it is about hygiene before enrolling in it. Do they maintain cleanliness? Do they encourage everyone to strictly follow gym hygiene etiquette? Do they disinfectant the equipment regularly? these are some of the important questions you need to consider before choosing your gym.


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