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Your Fitness Efforts Will Affect Your Partner Too: Study

  • April 30, 2018

If you are making efforts to lose weight and be fit, it may cause your partner to be fit too. According to recent research when one member of a couple takes up weight loss efforts the chances of the other partner losing some weight also increases even if the later does not get into any active weight loss programme.

The researchers tracked the progress of 130 couples over six months and came up with this conclusion.  About one third of these couples with untreated partners lost three percent or more of their initial body weight after six months despite not being involved in any weight loss plan.

The study, published in the Journal of Obesity, also showed that the rate at which couples lose weight is interlinked.  If one partner lost weight steadily the other also did and if the weight loss was slow in one partner then it was also slow in the other.

The researchers divided the couples into two groups. In one group, one member of the couple was enrolled into a six month weight loss programme. The participants of this programme were provided with person to person counselling as well as online tools.

The second group consisted of couples whose one member recieved a four-page handout with information on healthy eating, weight control startegies and exercise.

The result showed that the untreated partners of both the groups also exhibited weight loss in three and six months times.

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