5 Myths About Weight Training

  • April 9, 2018

Weight training intrigues people and therefore a lot of advice float around us regarding weight tarining. Every now and then we hear theories and wisdom on weight training. Unfortunately some of these advice are not based on facts. Let us deal with top five myths related wo weight training.

Myth: Weight training is only for men

Fact: Weight training strengthens muscles irrespective of gender. Women however produce less testosterone and hence their muscle building capacity is lesser than men.

Myth : Weight training converts fat into muscles.

Fact: Muscles and fat are two entirely different things. Muscle tissues are found all over the body while adipose tissues or fatty tissues are found in internal organs and between layers of muscles.

Myth: Big muscles always mean strong muscles

Fact: All big muscles are not necessarily the strong muscles. Training for big muscles is different from training for strong muscles. Therefore a person with smaller muscles can be stronger than a person with bigger muscles.

Myth: It is impossible to gain muscles after 40

Fact: You can gain muscles at any age. However, you need to check your other physical conditions like blood pressure, deficiencies etc to customise your workout plan if you are above 40. In any case it is always advisable to consult a trained professional before taking up any workout plan.

Myth: You cannot build muscles without supplements

Fact: Supplements can boost your muscle building process and all supplements are not harmful. However, you can build your muscles with natural diet without using dietary supplements. Using supplements has to be a personal choise and should be done under proper guidance of professionals.

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