5 Benefits of Weight Training

  • March 17, 2018

‘Why should I do weight training if my aim is not to become a bodybuilder or to have a ripped body?’ This is a question a lot of people ask.  What they do not realise is weight training is not only for the sake of a ripped body or for bodybuilding. Weight training or strangth training has various benefits and even if you do not want a super muscular body you can still enjoy the benefits of weight training. It all depends on the intensity of your training whether you end up looking like hercules or not. Let us talk about just a few of the benifits of weight training.

1. Physical work capacity

Strength training increases your physical work capacity. It also igives you better ability to work harder and longer.

2. Bone density

Bone loss with age is a common phenomenon. Strength training helps you control that.

3. Maintaining fat free muscle mass

The more your age advances, the muscle mass decreases and is replaced by fat. To prevent it from turning into fat and maintaining a fat free body mass, strength training is a great idea.

4. Decrease in chances of injury

Weight training increases the strength of connective tissues, muscles and tendons. The reslut is lesser chances of injury and better motor performances.

5. Weight management

Strength training is an effective way of weight management. If done properly, it will not only make you strong but will help you deal with your increasing body weight.

( WARNING: Always do weight training under proper guidance)

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