Why It Is Better to Exercise in a Group Than Alone

  • November 15, 2017

You might often be thinking whether to work out alone or in a group. While working out alone gives you more flexibility and freedom it may also make it tough for you to overcome laziness unless you are highly self motivated and focused. For the lesser mortals, working out in a group may be a good idea. We decided to list a few benefits of working out in a group.


Working out with several like minded people keeps your motivation level high. You see others perform and you are motivated to do it too. Especially the fit physique of some of your companions or the coach that you see everyday can be a big motivating factor.


When you do regular exercise with a group of friends ( or when you make friends with new people that you meet in such group activities) you tend to be more regular. Some day you may not be motivated enough to go to the session but your friends may force you to come.


Working out in a group often makes you stick to a schedule which is not entirely flexible like when you do it alone. You cannot change or postpone it just because you feel lazy.


Working out in a group means there is the scope of healthy competition to perform better. However you should not take competition to such a level that you ignore your boundaries and try to achieve something big overnight. Take it slow.

Exchange of ideas

Remember your school or college classroom. You thought you understood something very clearly and someone in your class came up with a question that made you realize you had never thought about it and you suddenly became eager to hear what your teacher had to say on that. It also happens in the gym or the place where your group works out. Someone may have a question or doubt and the response from the coach will make you realize that it was something very valuable for you too.

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