Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

  • May 2, 2020

Studies have shown that couples tend to be more satisfied with their relationships and more attracted to their partners after taking part in exciting physical activities or challenge. Exercise is one of the top among such activities. The physiological arousal during these activities drive romantic attraction among couples. These physiological arousal symptoms are sweating of the limbs,  racing  pulse and shorthened breath etc. In many ways these symptoms are similar to the thrills of romantic attraction. These symptoms work as a signal for each other and are often mistaken by the subconscious mind as romantic attraction. You can deliberately use this to their advantage if your special someone is with you in your workout sessions.

It also strengthens your emotional bond. Co-ordinating your actions and matching your partners rythm in various physical activities can strengthen your bond. Lifting weights together in rhythm, running in similar pace or doing pushups together in unison can act as non-verbal communication between two people to strengthen their bonds.

Exercising together also improves the health and body image of both and both partners tend to be more and more emotionally bonded and  physically attarcted.

Improved energy levels, health and vitality also helps in keeping the spark between the two partners alive. Two healthy and energetic partners are more prone to physical and emotional intimacy then other couples.

Exercise reduces your stress level and when both the partners are releasing stress at equal pace they tend to feel more connected and at peace with one another.

So don’t just sweat for better health but sweat with your special one for a better love life as well.

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