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From Overweight Teenager to Fitness Influencer: The Amazing Journey of Shreya Das

  • December 13, 2018

Fitness trainer, athlete, bikini fitness model, fitness influencer. Shreya Das has many feathers to her cap. Shreya’s journey from an overweight teenager to a leading fitness athletes is not just one of the finest transformation stories but a very motivational story of success. Sherya’s determination, dedication, hard work and mental strength in addition to her wonderful physique is a source of inspiration for many.

Shreya’s fitness journey started when she was in her teens. But it was not a smooth beginning. At the age of 19 she weighed 90 kg and she decided to take some drastic steps to reduce her weight. “Being overweight subjected me to taunting from others and I decided to take action.” She says. However, the path she took was that of crash diet and it had its consequences. “I did not have any guidance and I shed 30 kg with crash diet. But it made me ill and I had to be hospitalised.” She says.

After recovering from the illness Shreya followed a more systematic workout plan. But it was on her own and she still did not have anyone to guide her. Without any coach, Shreya participated in NABBA/WFF Mr & Ms Assam in 2017 in the fitness category and was placed second. She qualified for the nationals to be held in Chandigarh the same year.

After qualifying for the national competition Shreya kept on preparing on her own. However, ten days prior to the national competition she met Sumeet Kumar Saikia, a body builder who helped her in customising a diet plan suitable for her. He also gave her many other valuable tips and introduced her to his coach Varun Dev Singh. Sumeet became a good friend and Shreya emphasises his role in her journey. “Meeting Sumeet was a turning point for me. He helped me with my preparations and diet. I also met Varun Dev Singh through him and that was a very significant aspect of my career after that.” Says Shreya. In the national competition she got silver in bodybuilding. In 2018 she won gold in IFA Classic, Gold in FF Classic and sixth position in Boss Classic (international championship). In the 2018 NABBA/WFF Mr. & Ms. Assam, she won gold in both Women’s Bikini and Women’s Sport Model categories. This is the year when Women’s Bikini category was first introduced in a competition in Assam.


Shreya is presently based in Mumbai where she is working with international athlete Sumeet Thapa. Despite staying away, she is still well connected to her home state Assam. Recently she had sponsored the main trophy in the NABBA/WFF Mr. & Ms. Assam in memory of Sumeet Kumar Saikia. Unfortunately Sumeet had expired a few months back due to melena.

What makes Shreya special is that she not only believes in achiving goals but also believes in helping others reach their goals. Her aim is to help as many athletes as possible.  “I want to work for the athletes. I want to help other athletes achieve big. I want to die as an athlete.” She says.


It has not been an easy journey for Shreya. “No one gave me the opportunity to become a bikini model. For a small town girl, this journey was not that easy. But with my dedication and hard work, I created opportunities for myself and platform where I can stand. My willingness to achieve and mind-set of never giving up gave me feathers to fly higher and wherever I am today is all because of my coach Varun Dev Singh, Sumeet Kumar Saikia and my hard work.” She says.


Shreya acknowledges the role of her parents in her path to success and the support they have given her. Her father Bidhu Bhusan Das, retired Forest Ranger and her mother Tarulata Gogoidas have been with her in every step. “They are my pillars of strength.” She says.

Never giving up under any circumstances has been Shreya’s success mantra and she has some advice to offer to others.   “Never give up in anything and never let anyone laugh at you saying you are a loser. Don’t be scared of falling down. I myself have fallen in every step and maybe many more steps are on my path which will give me more pain. But I never gave up and will never. Because who falls once, knows the value of their existence and respect hard work and hardworking people.” She says.

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