Even 20-Second ‘Exercise Snacks’ Can Improve Fitness: Study

  • January 25, 2019

A busy schedule loaded with pending work, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, emails to answer etc etc is the biggest reason people stay away from exercise. Many people feel the need of simple and short yet effective workouts that they can do  while in work or in intervals. Exercise scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have been doing research for years on this and a study conducted by them have shown some results which can be considered a ray of hope for people stuck in super busy schedules.

Earlier, one of their studies in 2017 had  shown that sedentary women who took 10 minutes sessions of stair climbing with a few minutes of break improved their fitness level by 12% in 6 weeks. the new study has shown that even 20-Seconds of ‘exercise snacks’ can significantly improve the fitness of people. The study was published in Januray  in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

24 healthy but inactive college students were taken for this study. The results showed that quick stair climbing  sessions can be used as  workout to improve fitness.

“We had wanted to make interval training as easy and convenient as possible while still providing enough physical stimulus” to actually improve fitness.” Says Martin Gibala, a professor and chairman of kinesiology at McMaster University and  senior author of the study.

For obvious reasons the quick sessions are not as effective as the intense, long duration workout sessions. However, it can be improve fitness among people who lead sedentary lifestyles by 12 %.

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