Why Everyone Must Workout

  • February 27, 2021

“Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.” – Gene Tunney( 1915-1928), American boxer.

When you exercise, you give more of your time to yourself, your community, your country and your family.
Firstly, why is there a need for exercise and workout for humans? The answer is simple. We are functional creatures and our bodies require sufficient amount of assets that help us function. One of these assets is physical fitness. If we don’t keep a check of our fitness, over time our body exceeds the necessary amount of fats required. And that does not work-out well (pun intended) because slowly our metabolism rate slows down and our muscles start shrinking. Sounds dangerous right? It is. We feel bored and tired all the time and gradually lose interest in any activity. Did you know lethargic employees are 25% more likely to get fired?

When we workout, we follow a certain routine or a group of exercises done in a particular order. This order is important because doing the wrong exercise before of after another one could be harmful for our body. It could lead to a muscle pull, difficulty in performing the exercises or any other kind of problem. Making a routine is easy, but following it and maintaining the pace of our workout is difficult. This is because, in the beginning, our body tries to find any excuse to refrain itself from undergoing any kind of exercise. We are out of our comfort zone. So, when we fight the laziness and follow the routine religiously, it gives us a sense of mental satisfaction after every workout session.
Now while following a routine, our body will feel tired and exhausted for a few days. We would feel the urge to workout lesser than we did yesterday. But fighting that urge and pushing ourselves to new yet safe limits everyday is very important. Special attention to the word “safe” because we must not push our body to excessive limits due to the risk of injuries, some of which, even life-long. When we conquer new limits, we feel confident and in control. We feel tired yet we have energy because of our excitement.
Our body takes around 6 weeks to adapt to a workout schedule and the results can be seen usually after 8 weeks. It is such an amazing feeling to see the transformation within a few weeks. Once our body gets adapted to the workout schedule, there is no going back.
Working out shapes our personality as well. It develops certain attributes like positive outlook, patience, willpower, determination and concentration. Some people might even notice a change their way of living and lifestyle after working out for about 10 weeks.

To sum it up, physical fitness is a crucial part of our lives and should be practiced regularly and determinedly. How we shape our life is in our hands, nobody else can affect our life. So, if you don’t work out, it can turn your life upside down. It is time to stop procrastinating and taking care of your body. Happy working out!

Deeksha Gaur 

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