Staying Safe And Fit At The Time Of Covid 19

  • July 18, 2020

What can you do to prevent Covid 19 and how to maintain general fitness during the times of this pandemic? Fitness coach and nutritionist, WFF Mr. Universe 2018 Achyut Kalita shares some tips.

At the time of the pandemic, there is widespread paranoia among people. The fear for the Covid 19 virus and the lockdown in various parts of the world together have taken physical and psychological toll on people.

Covid 19 pandemic is serious but we can prevent it. Instead of panic we should focus more on precautions and general fitness as well as immunity.

Keeping everything under lockdown for a prolonged time is not possible for various practical reasons. So what can we do to be safe from the Covid virus? Maintaining fitness is a big challenge at this time. In this situation, we should keep a few things in mind to maintain our general fitness. These points are especially beneficial if your part of the world is under lockdown and your movements are limited.


For obvious reasons, regular exercise according to your capacity is a very effective way to maintain fitness.

Sugar intake

Decrease the daily sugar intake as much as you can.

Eat nutritious food

Eat healthy. Avoid junk food. Avoid spicy or oily food.

Intermediate fasting.

Intermediate fasting is a great way to maintain fitness and general health. It strengthens immunity. It also helps in controlling conditions like diabetes, obesity etc.


Make sure that you get minimum 8 hours of sleep. It is necessary to rejuvenate your body.

Avoid smoking

It may look cool in movies and popular entertainment or it may be considered a symbol of confidence but smoking is an extremely unhealthy habit especially in this situation.

Vitamins and minerals

Make sure you get crucial vitamin and minerals from natural sources or from supplements.  Vitamin D intake is crucial.  Spend 20-30 minutes in the morning sun. It is rich in vitamin D. Lemons, oranges or other citrus food are rich in vitamin C which is an immune booster. Take Zinc supplements. You can consult doctor before taking supplements.

Fruits, vegetables and tea

Include apples, onions, ginger, lemons, green vegetables, green tea, black tea etc. Recent studies have also shown that Assam tea is especially beneficial for building resistance against Covid 19 virus and strengthening the immune system.

Avoid stress

Do not take stress. Avoid anger and anxiety to maintain your natural immunity and health. Keep yourself busy in creative pursuits. A healthy mind helps keep the body healthy.

Use sanitisers but keep this in mind

Sanitising hands is very important but at the same time, excessive cleansing of the hands with sanitisers is not good. Do it only when it is necessary. If you remove the good bacteria from your hands by using excessive sanitisers, it might cause fungal infection.

Use mask

Use mask when you go out and practice social (physical) distancing.

Stay connected

Stay connected with family and friends. It helps in resisting depression and is helpful in maintaining immunity.

You should be more careful if….

You should be more careful if someone in your family has lung disease,  diabetes, obesity , kidney ailments etc. and is under 12 or over 60. These people are more vulnerable to Covid 19.

These are some of the important steps that you need to follow to maintain your fitness during the outbreak. Be aware, not scared. Awareness can help defeat any disease.

Achyut Kalita





(Achyut Kalita is WFF Mr. Universe 2018 and a fitness coach cum nutritionist. He has also trained several national and international level athletes.  )

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