The Secrets Of Stunning Abs

  • January 2, 2021

Achyut Kalita: The fascination for six pack or eight pack abs is very common among people nowadays. Many people often complain that despite doing crunches, running etc. and giving up carbohydrate altogether they have not got results. . A lot of beginners have too many misconceptions about abs and they do a lot of useless exercises or tend to over-exercise in order to get quick results. First of all we have to understand that the abs or the rectus abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle.  Making the abs visible involves two processes- one is to eliminate fat under the tummy skin and second is to develop the abdominal muscles. There are a few things that you need to remember in order to get beautiful abs.

Crunches are not enough

Elimination of the tummy fat does not come from crunches. You have to do the workout of the other bigger muscles like back, legs, thighs etc. You might be now thinking how does leg exercise help in developing ab muscles. When you exercise the muscles cells get damaged. To repair the damage you need to eat. When you control your diet, the body burns the fat stored in your body to turn it into energy. When you workout bigger muscles like back and legs, more muscles are damaged and the amount of calories burnt is also high. Working out bigger muscles means the calorie burning process continues for next 72 hours. Thus the  body keeps on burning the fat for a long time.

Complete workout of the core

For perfect looking abs you need to workout the complete core. The obliques, the erector spinae muscles also need to be worked out for a 3d look of the abs. Those who have bigger waists should decrease the number of squats and deadlifts because further expansion of the core muscles may make them look asymmetrical.

Avoid too much exercise of the abs

Treat the abdominal muscles as any other muscle in your body. After workout, the muscles need rest to grow. Excessive repetitions will in fact impede the growth of your muscles. Rest your muscles. I would suggest only three days a week for the abdominal muscles.

Avoid useless exercises

A large number of people spend time on useless exercises. Some of these exercises have no effect on abs. On the other hand they exert unnecessary pressure on the spine.  Taking two dumbbells and doing side bends does not help at all.

Every person has a unique body and his exercises should be according to his or her body type. Maintain proportion, shape and symmetry and focus on every muscle. Thus you can get a beautifully shaped body.

(The author is a former WFF Mr. Universe, a fitness coach and entrepreneur. Follow him on Instagram)

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