Fitness is a Basic Need

  • October 27, 2017

Fitness is not a luxury. It is not just for athletes, actors or models. It’s neither glamorous nor sexy to be fit. Being fit is living a complete life. Fitness is not for impressing others but yourself.Fitness is a lifestyle choice. The decisions you make, the steps you take, the pain you endure to be fit is for you and all the people you love. We are often not motivated enough to make the effort and it is natural. Human beings do need motivation to do things. While no one can motivate a person to do something until he or she decides to motivate himself, external sources of motivation can be used consciously to remind oneself about the goals.

Fitness is a basic need. We often forget to take care of it until we get some kind of a shock. Keeping your body fit is also an easy path to mental and spiritual fitness. To echo ancient Hindu wisdom, “The (fit) body is the first step on the path of righteousness”.

To fulfil this basic need you need to start pursuing your fitness goals without waiting for something to happen to you. Start the journey now.

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