Water is the best health drink

  • April 13, 2020

Water is life. Without water, life cannot be created or sustained. Apart from being a basic requirement for life to sustain, water has some other amazing benefits too. It can definitely be called the most important fitness drink. Here are a few qualities of water.

More water means more tolerance to pain

Water increases your ability to tolerate pain. In a study, it was found that people are more prone to feel pain in a state of dehydration than in the hydrated state. Lack of adequate water results in more sensitivity towards pain. Thus a large amount of water also allows you to do harder workout without feeling the pain.

Water helps in maintaining normal functions of the body

Water accelerates the metabolism process. It also washes out the toxins of the body apart from helping in running the body functions smoothly. Water helps in digestion, blood circulation, keeping the mouth wet and a lot of other things.

Water makes you stay away from junk food

According to some studies, drinking enogh water reduces the urge to eat junk food. However, it does not reduce the urge to eat healthy food. So drinking a lot of water is a good way to check your diet as well.

Water maintains the energy level

Water intake is directly proportional to the level of alertness and activeness in a person. Drinking enough water keeps away fatigue. Dehydration not only results in fatigue but also deteroriates other body functions. Water also helps balance the acidity level.

Water is the healthiest drink

The market is flooded with various beverages but most of these are not healthy at all. Most of these drinks are high on sugar and artificial flavours. While the spots beverages are good only during intense activity, water is an all time health drink.  Some of the beverages on the other hand result in dehydration. So water is the best choice as far as drinks is concerned.

Water helps keeping the brain active

Reduced water level means reduced activeness of the brain. Various brain fucntions necessary for our day to day life are smoothly run if the water intake to the body is in abundance. Production of various hormones as well as synapses firing are improved with increase in water.

Water strengthens muscles

Water keeps the muscles strong.  As little as 1.5 percent decrease in hydration can result in significant strength loss.

Water for a healthy liver

Abundance of water helps the liver fucntion easily. The water thins the blood and thus it becomes easier for the liver to purify it. The liver purifies the harmful substances like germs, pollutants and other toxins like alcohol and drugs.

 Water improves skin

Lack of water causes skin to become dry, wrinkled or cracked. It also makes the skin prone to infections.

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